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Top 5 Commercial Drive Patios

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5 – The Commercial Drive Parklet.

Located just north of 4th and Commercial close to Prado coffee house this patio is actually a public space welcome to anyone who needs a seat. It’s a great place to people watch and sneak in a discreet bevvie out in public. We like to grab a quick seat here in the summer to take a break from the foot traffic. Commercial Drive can get pretty busy in the summer and when we have a full group it’s nice to be off to the side and out of the way while we get to know more about the city.

4 – Falconetti’s

Falconetti’s is the only patio on this list that is currently closed. More of a second floor than a patio it features it’s own bar and an airy setting, perfect for summer breezes and local craft beer with friends. Unfortunately it has been under renovation for nearly a year and we haven’t had a chance to enjoy it. The renovations have definitely picked up recently and we have our fingers crossed to have access to this great patio during the summer.

3 – The Charlatan

The Charlatan has a long narrow balcony heading west off of Commercial Dr. that is perfect for people watching. I recently got a chance to meet one of the original owners of The Charlatan who has since opened 2 other establishments on Commercial Drive. If you are a fan of beer, this is a place you will want to stop at and try from their long list of local and craft selections on tap.

Quick Fact: It’s also the block I grew up on. I can tell you all about it when we are out on a tour.

2 – Havana’s

Havana’s has recently changed ownership. I haven’t been in since the switch but it has stayed busy. It originally had a gallery space in the back which played home to art shows, plays and tiny concerts. In addition to their famous Sangria the balcony shares the same view as our #1 patio on this list. Located across Commercial Drive from Grandview Park and it’s big beautiful maple tree’s (which ironically block the gorgeous “Grand View” of downtown Vancouver) Havana’s is an excellent outdoor venue to soak up the ambiance of the Drive.

1 – Fet’s Whisky Kitchen

Disclaimer and additional quick fact: One of my first jobs after high school was bussing and dishwashing at Fet’s. We have both grown so much since those days. Back in the late 90’s they didn’t have such a focus on whiskey but now they have the largest selection in western Canada’s. And the patio is another great place to stop on a hot day and enjoy the grand view, people watching and ambiance of Commercial Drive.

If you would like to see some of these places and more during your stay book a tour today. No minimum amount of guests and custom times available for groups of 4 or more. See you soon.

Harley Rose

East Van Musician and Culture specialist

When he is not running one of his other businesses in his Beast Van Empire his favourite past time is sharing the secrets of his neighbourhood with tourists.